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La force des choses
Efficiency (Joy, ou o júbilo de criar)

What does man seek?

It is not pleasure, surely, that we seek most constantly; it is not happiness.
It is what you Americans express so well in your word “efficiency”.
This word expresses the tendency of evolution; it voices the fundamental tendency within us, which is that of creation.

We seek efficiency, or, perhaps, it would be truer to say that we seek the immediate product of efficiency, which is joy.
Joy is not pleasure, but the satisfaction of creation.
Making money gives pleasure no doubt, to the artist; his joy, however, comes only from seeing the picture grow under his brush, from feeling that he is bringing something new into the world.
It is joy which, in some form or other, man always seek.”

Extracts of the Columbia University Lectures of Henri Bergson,
(The Chronicle, XIII, 6 Mars 1913)

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