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La force des choses
In loving memory 2
Stirling Moss appreciated that braking in a straight line and then locking into a corner was substituting one tyre loading, braking, for another, cornering.
Jim perfected the art of balancing both loads simultaneously, braking later and maintaining it right to the apex, where he had the sensitivity almost instantaneously to replace the combined loads of braking and cornering with those of accelerating and cornering.

He habitually wore his tyres, his brakes, his gearbox, his engine less than other, slower, lesser men and even in the underpowered 1.5 litre formula could be spectacular although his car's transition in cornering-stance through a curve was always notably, incredibly smooth, flowing - a dynamic art at the highest level.

Jim Clark by Doug Nye eu vi, eu vi -te, no Ring, em Monza, em Monte Carlo

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