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La force des choses
Here I go Again...

Nas próximas décadas, ou esta ordem mundial se consolida numa inquestionável unipolaridade americana ou se transforma num sistema efectivamente multipolar.
A alternativa a um ordenamento racional, razoavelmente equitativo e igualitário do sistema internacional e dos países que o integram, para um grande número de Estados é a explosão de conflitos sociais incontroláveis.

Peacekeeping is bearing the brunt of the escalating demands.
The United Nations is engaged in some form in around 30 peace operations in most difficult places in the world.
We now have a historic high of almost 100,000 personnel in the field.
I pay tribute to those valiant contributions these brave men and women make under difficult and often very dangerous situations.
We can build a new golden era for the United Nations if we work collectively to make it so and if the United States is with us, wholeheartedly and consistently.
We can do it in close partnership with your country – the United States - key to our creation, crucial throughout history, indispensable to our future.
But let me be clear: a constructive partnership between the United Nations and United States cannot and should not advance at the expense of others.

Nor can our partnership flourish in a climate of fear and mistrust.
With the United States actively and constructively engaged, the potential of the U.N. is unlimited.
And when the U.N.'s potential fulfilled, the U.S. can better advance its aspirations for a peaceful, healthy and prosperous world."

2007 Jan. 16, The eighth secretary-general of the U.N., Honorable Ban Ki-Moon

I don't know where I'm goin
but I sure know where I've been
Oh Lord, I pray you give me strength to carry on
'cos I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.

If the "leaders" could only listen to the wisdom of these words...Imagine, just imagine, what a wonderful world this could be....
regards from this side of the Ocean ;)
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