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La force des choses
The Silver Cars from the North

As much as 1936 was a disappointment for Mercedes, 1937 was a year of triumph.
While Rudi Caracciola and Bernd Rosemeyer both won four races, Rudi won the driving title.
Alan Fearnley's Battle at Beau Rivage is a dramatic scene from the Monaco Grand Prix of 1937 amidst the architectural wonderment of the principality before the war.
Here we see Caracciola and von Brauchitsch both on Mercedes W125's roaring by the Hotel Beau Rivage. Each of the Mercedes drivers are identifiable because of the different color wind helmets they wore…von Brauchitsch in red and Rudi in white.
Manfred ultimately won the race against team orders. He said later in life that Alfred Neubauer, team manager, did not have much to say to him afterwards, for the rest of his career.
It was one of the few races Caracciola lost to another Mercedes that year.
Many artists have chosen to illustrate the backdrop of pre-war Monaco because of its beauty and contrast to the modern cars.
The Mercedes W125 is Fearnley's favorite machine. He says it "seems to embody all the visual impact that a Grand Prix car should have."

(in Gary Doyle, The Silver Cars from the North)
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