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La force des choses
Kofi Annan final speech


My first lesson is that, in today's world, the security of every one of us is linked to that of everyone else. (Segurança colectiva)
My second lesson is that we are not only all responsible for each other's security. We are also, in some measure, responsible for each other's welfare. (Solidariedade global)
My third lesson is that both security and development ultimately depend on respect for human rights and the rule of law. (Império da Lei)
My fourth lesson - closely related to the last one - is that governments must be accountable for their actions in the international arena, as well as in the domestic one. (Mútua responsabilidade)
My fifth and final lesson derives inescapably from those other four. We can only do all these things by working together through a multilateral system, and by making the best possible use of the unique instrument bequeathed to us by Harry Truman and his contemporaries, namely the United Nations. (Multilateralismo)

These five lessons can be summed up as five principles, which I believe are essential for the future conduct of international relations.
As President Truman said, "The responsibility of the great states is to serve and not dominate the peoples of the world."
He showed what can be achieved when the US assumes that responsibility.

And still today, none of our global institutions can accomplish much when the US remains aloof.
But when it is fully engaged, the sky is the limit.

Neste início de século, as matérias de domínio reservado do estado (da soberania) têm vindo a reduzir-se cada vez mais.
Em contraponto o Direito Internacional Público ganha peso na comunidade das nações.
Observamos como que um renascer do "Direito das Gentes", colocando um Bem Comum universal sobre os egoísmos da "Razão de Estado".
A Força de cada nação, individualmente (com grande relevo para os USA) tem hoje muito pouca legitimidade (aceitação universal); ao contrário das Nações Unidas, que possuem Legitimidade mas muito pouca força.
Annan diz que as "nossas instituições globais" podem muito pouco, mas quando o empenho americano aparece,"o céu é o limite!"
Se a América decidir aliar a sua força ao Direito Internacional, respaldado na ONU, será para o Bem de todos. Caso contrário será para mal de todos nós, inclusive americanos.
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