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La force des choses
The big question

Camp David 1978

I have come to you so that together we should build a durable peace based on justice to avoid the shedding of one single drop of blood by both sides.

It is for this reason that I have proclaimed my readiness to go to the farthest corner of the earth.

Here I would go back to the big question.
How can we achieve a durable peace based on justice?
In my opinion, and I declare it to the whole world, from this forum, the answer is neither difficult nor is it impossible despite long years of feuds, blood, faction, strife, hatreds and deep-rooted animosity....

You want to live with us, in this part of the world.
In all sincerity I tell you we welcome you among us with full security and safety. This in itself is a tremendous turning point, one of the landmarks of a decisive historical change.
We used to reject you. We had our reasons and our fears, yes.
We refused to meet with you, anywhere, yes.
We were together in international conferences and organizations and our representatives did not, and still do not, exchange greetings with you. Yes. This has happened and is still happening.

Our delegates met in the first Geneva conference without exchanging a direct word, yes, this has happened.
Yet today I tell you, and I declare it to the whole world, that we accept to live with you in permanent peace based on justice.
We do not want to encircle you or be encircled ourselves by destructive missiles ready for launching, nor by the shells of grudges and hatreds.

I have announced on more than one occasion that Israel has become a fait accompli, recognized by the world.
As we really and truly seek peace we really and truly welcome you to live among us in peace and security.

(Anwar el Sadat adress to the Knesset, November 20, 1977)

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