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La force des choses
Contos do Além: Inferno


Atónitos vemos emergir do Caos o grande Medo-Pânico;
Impotentes assistimos ao assalto dos seus sinistros vagalhões destruidores…

A image, showing emission from gas at 1 million degrees, of Active Region 9077 on 19 July 2000, at 23:30UT.
The image (rotated over 90 degrees, so North is to the left) shows a filament in the process of lifting off from the surface of the Sun.
The dark matter is relatively cool, around 20,000 degrees, while hot kernels and threads around it are at a million degrees or more.
From footpoint to peak, this rapidly evolving structure measures 75,000 miles

o inferno que ilumina a nossa existência.

um inferno bom.

um tumor benigno, por assim dizer.
que imagem mais deslumbrante.:)
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