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La force des choses
Contos do Além: Mistério


E perante o olhar, eis o dardejar do Mistério.

The young, extremely hot white dwarf star H1504+65,

as viewed from a distance similar to that of the Earth from the Sun.
Astronomers studying the leftover remnants of stars like our own Sun,
have found a remarkable object where the nuclear reactor that once powered it has only just shut down.
This star, the hottest known white dwarf,

seems to have been stripped of its entire outer regions during its death throes leaving behind the core that formed its power plant.

The stellar surface is extremely hot, 200,000 degrees,

and is virtually free of hydrogen and helium,
something never before observed in any star.
Instead, the surface is composed mainly of carbon and oxygen,

the 'ashes' of the fusion of helium in a nuclear reactor.

Meu caro e estimado amigo CBS, que tenha umas Festas maravilhosas, um ano 2006 cheio de coisas excelentes (mesmo que seja mais velho que Deus) pronto, não faz mal (jejeje) um grande abraço meu caro.
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