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La force des choses
1956 Moss's Maserati victory at Monaco

At the start Moss (Maserati) took the lead with Castellotti (Lancia-Ferrari), Fangio (Lancia Ferrari) hot on his trail.
It did not take long for Fangio to pass Castellotti, but by then Moss was clearly five seconds ahead, by the end of the first lap.
At Ste Devote on the second lap Fangio made a rare mistake and spun, but he was able to rejoin and tried to make up for lost time.
Castellotti then into trouble early and retired with clutch trouble.
In second place there was Collins (Lancia-Ferrari) and he quickly moved aside to let his team leader through so that Fangio could chase after Moss.

The Argentine driver was not having a good day, however, and after clouting a wall at the chicane he pitted and handed his car over to Castellotti.
Just after halfway Collins was called into the pits and Fangio took over his car - an odd move in the circumstances.
Fangio had obviously regained his composure because he quickly caught and passed Behra (Maserati) and then set off to close the 45 second gap to Moss.
He had 30 laps to do it.

Fifteen laps later Moss had a fright when lapping his team mate Perdisa, who suffered a brake failure just as Moss was passing him.
The two cars made contact and Moss damaged one of the catches which secured the bonnet of his car so that it was lifting up slightly in some of the corners.

Moss remained calm despite the fact that Fangio was closing at two seconds a lap and he got to flag with six seconds to spare.

1. 28 Stirling Moss, Maserati 250F 100 laps 3h00m32.9
2. 26 Peter Collins/ Juan Manuel Fangio, Lancia Ferrari D50
3. 30 Jean Behra, Maserati 250F 99 laps
4. 20 Juan-Manuel Fangio/ Eugenio Castelloti, Lancia Ferrari D50 94 laps
5. 6 Hernando da Silva Ramos, Gordini T16 93 laps
6. 4 Elie Bayol/ Andre Pillete, Gordini T32 88 laps
7. 32 Cesare Perdisa, Maserati 250F 86 laps
8. 18 Horace Gould, Maserati 250F 85 laps

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