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La force des choses
1955 Moss Mercedes at Monaco
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Stirling Moss (Mercedes 6) has just past Eugenio Castelloti (Lancia 30)

At the start Fangio managed to get ahead at the first corner and was followed by Castellotti (30), Moss (6) and Ascari.
Castellotti was able to hold off Moss for the first five laps but by then Fangio was too far ahead for Moss to be able to catch him.
Ascari scrambled past Castellotti but the two began to battle and Behra joined in and it was the Frenchman who finally emerged ahead.
Castellotti had to pit because of a deflating tire.

Then Fangio stopped, the victim of a broken axle.

Moss remained in the lead until the closing laps when his engine blew up.
At almost the same moment Ascari, perhaps distracted by Moss's problems, crashed at the chicane and went straight into the harbor.
This left Trintignant in the lead and although Castelotti tried hard to catch him, the Frenchman came home the winner.

1. 44 Maurice Trintignant Ferrari 625 100 laps 2h58m
2. 30 Eugenio Castellotti Lancia D50
3. 34 Jean Behra/Cesare Perdisa Maserati 250F 99 laps
4. 42 Giuseppe Farina Ferrari 625
5. 28 Luigi Villoresi Lancia D50
6. 32 Louis Chiron Lancia D50 95 laps
7. 10 Jacques Pollet Gordini T16 91 laps
8. 48 Piero Taruffi/ Paul Frere Ferrari 555 86 laps
9. 6 Stirling Moss Mercedes-Benz W196 81 laps

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