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La force des choses
Grand Prix de France 1953

I find this a most difficult report to write.
But it can go on record that Mike Hawthorn's (16) magnificent victory by one second over the champion Juan Manuel Fangio (18) crowned a neck-and-neck, wheel-to-wheel duel for the last half of the race, and gave the shouting spectators what is probably the finest Grand Prix ever run anywhere at any time.

I shall not attempt to describe the final laps.
The whole thing was fantastic.
The crowd was yelling, the commentators were screaming.
Nobody paid much attention to the rest of the drivers at all, and the drivers themselves slowed up to watch this staggering display.
On the final lap again they shot round nose-to-tail, and it was the Englishman who brought the Ferrari over the line.

Hawthorn's ovation was like the roar one hears at the end of a great maestro's concert - and today Hawthorn was a maestro.

Grand Prix History
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