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La force des choses
1957 The champion at Monaco

Four months after the opening round of the World Championship in Argentina, twenty three Grand Prix cars gathered at Monaco for round two.
In qualifying Fangio (Maserati 32) was fastest with Collins (Ferrari 26) and Moss (Vanwall 18) alongside him on the front row.

Moss took the lead at the first corner with Fangio behind him but on the second lap Collins got ahead of the Argentine driver.
This would be his downfall however as Moss went off at the chicane on lap 4.
Collins swerved to avoid the crash and hit the wall himself.
Fangio managed to get through without a problem and Brooks braked hard only to be rammed from behind by Hawthorn.
Only Brooks was able to keep going. but he was five seconds behind Fangio by the time he was up to speed again.

In the closing laps there were only seven cars running and this became six when Von Trips suffered an engine failure which pitched his Ferrari into the wall. It was a dominant victory for Fangio with Brooks a delighted second for Vanwall.

1. 32 Juan Manuel Fangio, Maserati 250F 105 laps 3h00m10,12
2. 20 Tony Brooks, Vanwall
3. 2 Masten Gregory, Maserati 250F 103 laps
4. 10 Stewart Lewis Evans, Connaught Alta B 102 laps
5. 30 Maurice Trintignant, Lancia Ferrari 801 100 laps
6. 14 Jack Brabham, Cooper Climax T43
7. 24 Wolfgang Von Trips/ Mike Hawthorn, Lancia Ferrari 801 95 laps
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